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I am currently enjoying the adventure “Keep on the Shadowfell” together with my players. A nice adventure so far, even though I enjoy the above ground action more than the dungeon crawl. One reason is that there are no battlemaps for the dungeon encounters. So I thought: “Why not make some?” These tiles found here are the result. They are not 1:1 from the adventure - instead they are my interpretation of the maps, often reduced in size to keep setup low.

  • Goblin Guard Room: The first map I made and you can tell that I was not yet in the rhythm. The map has a small match-up problem but is still useable.
  • Dungeon Prison: Here Splug is tortured by the evil hobgoblin. A fun combat even though I was unable to bull rush anybody.
  • Chieftain’s Lair: This one is a bit smaller than the original to fit the large room on a single tile.
  • Crypt of Shadows: This is were the zombies dwell. A lot smaller than the original but hopefully retaining the maze-like feel.
  • Skeletal Legion: This room is basically the same as in the module.
  • Hobgoblin Guard Room: I changed this one a lot. I don’t think the side chambers will see much use in combat anyway, so I reduced the whole thing to what I found the essentials. Also, these tiles have a higher reusability now.



  • Waystation to Thay: A mountain pass that is protected by a small fort. Used in the adventure March Against Thay.
  • P

    Ramp and Gallery: This is a 3D model (made of paper) that represents a small gallery accessed by a ramp. Not the most sophisticated thing but when assembled it adds a new dimension (ha ha) to your battle map.


    Set of Boxes: These can be used as ornaments but also make a good barricade.


    Coffins: Another type of boxes.


    Library Shelf: This is a simple block that is painted to look like a library shelf. For use with the Pyramid of Shadows adventure.




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