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In my time, I have made some other role-plying specific sites:

  1. Oriental Hardpoint: 3e Oriental Adventures Stuff. This is still a very popular site, even though I have not updated it for several years.
  2. Fantasy Hardpoint: A long-running 3e campaign that we had where people travelled between different parallel worlds, looking for the heart of the Nexus. I have fond memories of this one and have gotten quite a few compliments about the adventures.
  3. The Core Hardpoint: You might not know the games of Dreampod 9 - except maybe for Heavy Gear. The company seems to be low key nowadays but they made some cool games. I played a lot of Tribe 8 (post-apocalyptic fantasy) and had a hell of a time with it.
  4. An Abandoned Campaign World is never used.


Coming soon, when I have found more 4e stuff that I like.

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