4e Hardpoint

Welcome to the 4e Hardpoint, a web site dedicated to the latest edition of D&D. On this site, you will find adventures and maps that I use for my game. For my players, I have a section that represents the ongoing chronicles of their misdeeds (in German, sorry).


Finally completed the March Against Thay adventure in the Adventures section.


Added some adventure seeds set in the FR. There is also a 3D paper model in the tiles section.


The March Against Thay adventure has been updated with the 2nd chapter.


Added the Waystation to Thay battlemap.


Added my first adventure in the Adventures section. Part one is a journey through the Sea of Fallen Stars to the land Aglarond.


Added list with planescape powers in Crunchy section.


Added a Dwarven Thieves’ Guild in the Monsters section.


Some material added to the Maps section.


Site opens its gates. Not much there yet, except for the material for my PCs.


Since 2008-07-20 bold adventurers have perished in this dungeon.

If you have any comments, just mail me with “4e” in the subject (to avoid filtering).

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